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Busy Weekend

I started this weekend with my granddaughter here. My son gets here every Friday and keeps her until Saturday afternoon. She is so much fun. Myah is 15 months old, walking great, and thinks she needs to have a snack in each hand pretty much all the time. She enjoys here stacking blocks and thinks its great fun when we make her stuffed puppy bark at her. She also makes him bark at us. She really wanted to go outside to play, but it was still too chilly for that. I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to get out with her. She loves her eggo waffles in the morning and since it seems lately that 1 isn’t quite enough I gave her 2. For a little girl she ate all but about 1/4 of one. She thinks her daddy is just the thing and grandpa isn’t half bad either. But when it comes to wanting to just be held she still comes to me. Myah loves the cat and dog, but neither one really want her to touch them. The dog will allow it some, but the cat pretty much doesn’t let her get close. That’s okay because he’s apt to claw and bite her if she got him and we don’t want that.

The weather has teased us with some warm days and now we’re back to colder days. Had snow on Friday. I wouldn’t mind if there was enough to snow dye, but it came down wet and by the time I got home it had melted off. If that’s all it’s going to do we don’t need any more snow. One thing about it being cooler – I had a couple of horses to trim feet on today and the cooler weather keeps me from getting hot and makes it easier to do. Both of these horse I have done for years and are almost always good boys for me.

I’m going to see about adding a page with some of my quilts on it so look for it.


A Sad Day

Thursday last week the husband of one of my co-workers came to the office. She just retired last June and I had worked with her for 25 years. She recently had some surgery, but was home and recovering nicely. Her husband went to wake her up Wed morning and she was gone. He is lost without her. It came as a shock to us all. He is holding up and has family support, but it’ll be very hard on him as people go back to their normal routines. I guess it just goes to show that you never know what will happen. I know she always expected she would out live her husband. My thoughts are the same towards my husband because of his health issues, but my brother was only 46 when he died from a heart attack. And there is also other things that could happen such as accidents. Hopefully we will both live long lives together and the last thing you should do is live life fearing the worst. That is no way to live.

On the up side all in my family are currently alive and well and looking forward to many tomorrows. I wish all of you the same.


A little more about me

I started doing things with my hands in grade school. I was in4H and learned a lot doing projects for fair. I sewed a lot of my own clothes, refinished furniture, cooked and had hogs. 4-H has changed a lot since I was involved. We always had a dog and since we lived in the country we had numerous cats. When I was in college I got a horse and spent many hours on horseback. After college I worked on hog farms and still had my horse. I had a few years without a horse after mine died from old age, but I had learned to shoe horses and kept around then taking care of the feet for a few people. I had access to horses to ride so I kept that up until I got one of my own. He died from old age a couple of years ago and I’m currently horseless again though I still do some shoeing. Not sure how long I can keep that up.

In my home I use to say I had 3 kids – 2 four legged and 1 two legged (dog, horse and husband). So now I guess I have 4 kids – 2 four legged and 2 two legged (dog, cat, husband and son). I think the animals are much easier to deal with. My husband is a diesel mechanic and my son is going to school for diesel tech. They are both currently working for the same repair shop.

More later.

Hello world!

I know – standard first post. I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while, but since writing isn’t my forte I wasn’t sure what I could possibly write about and have interesting to other people. I plan on writing about what I’m doing and projects I’m working on. We’ll see how this blog develops. Bear with me as I figure out what I’m doing.

This winter I have been doing some snow dyeing and have a shop on Etsy to put it up for sale. I recently also opened and shop on Artfire too. I started with 3 quilted wall hangings for sale and have just added some fabric. I have more to add to both when I get them ready.

If you looked at my about me page you’ll see I’m a crafter. I have been for as long as I remember. I have many projects started and have many that I have finished. I’ll get some pictures posted of some of them. Please check back as I’ll add more as I get my blog set up.

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