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Demon the Cat

Demon is our black cat. Technically he’s a black tiger though as he’s gotten older his stripes aren’t as visible. He is suppose to be a house cat, but he desperately tries to get outside – especially this time of year. In case you’re wondering my son found him on a country road by himself and he couldn’t have been more than a month old. He was still a bit wobbly when he walked. He went several months without a specific name. When he got a little bigger and could get up in the chair with you he would come running at you sitting there and up in the chair and attack your face. He also attacked your feet as you where walking. For a tiny cat he had no fear of the dog ( a black lab mix). He would attack the dog. He would sleep on the pillow next to your face and latch on if you moved. These are just a few of the things he did to earn him the name Demon. He is now 2 1/2 years and some things he doesn’t do any more like sleeping on the pillow and latching on, but he still knows what to do to torment the dog. He has learned that the dog can actually turn on him and attack, so he shows her a little more respect, but he still gets her to chase him. That’s not all bad as the dog is 14 and the cat keeps her moving. Demon will still attack feet, but now longer jumps into your lap and attacks your face. He does get into things on the counter at times so we have to watch what we leave out. That being said he can also be an absolute sweetheart and lay on your lap and sleep or next (or on) your legs at night. If you need to move your legs you have to move around him as he won’t move. As for him getting out of the house – the big fierce cat is scared to death when he gets out and usually only last a minute and then can’t get back in fast enough. Animals add so much to one’s life.

Demon the Cat


Mother Daughter Banquet

Last night my home town had their Mother Daughter Banquet. I’m not sure exactly how long they have had this, but I have been going my entire life. The number attending has been dropping as people these days just don’t seem to appreciate such things any more. I have 2 sisters, but one lives in Alaska and seldom is here for it. When my sister’s granddaughter was born it was the first girl baby in our family since my brother was born in the 50s. Her mother was warned her daughter would probably be spoiled because of it. She is 3 now and is a very precocious and smart little girl. My granddaughter is 16 months. Between the 2 of them Myah (mine) was much better behaved last night. She ate well and enjoyed the program of puppets afterward. Actually they both enjoyed the program and behaved pretty well for that. We had Myah for 2 nights this weekend and because of the nice weather got to enjoy some quality time outside with her Dad and Grandpa. They all had fun. Hopefully I got some good pictures of them.

I need to get to work outside. It’s hard to do too much when Myah is here and today the wind is blowing way too hard to rake leaves of the flower beds today. Though we didn’t get storms last night one town in Iowa got hit hard last night by a tornado and we may have some more storms tonight.

I need to work on some quilts. Seems like my energy level at night after work just isn’t there to get me motivated. If I start I do get a lot done, but if I sit first I’m done. Maybe I’ll get myself in gear in a little while.

Better get going – I need to get some fabric listed on Artfire.





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