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Let’s spoil them young

It’s been a while since I’ve written. Too much going on. From the title you might think I’m talking about my Granddaughter. Well – while she gets very spoiled by her Grandpa (I would never spoil her) – the one I’m referring to is a new puppy. I came home Tuesday night to my husband holding a puppy. When asked about her he told me to ask my son. Royal brought the puppy home because she was the last of a litter and she needed a home. I told my husband I thought we had that discussion with Royal and he said he thought we had too, but he didn’t seem too upset about the puppy. She is a very adorable 6 week old lab-pit bull mix and she has very much upset my old dog and my cat. My old dog Misty is not thrilled about a new puppy and does her best to ignore her. My cat Demon hisses and bats at the pup, but doesn’t hit her with her paw and is mostly somewhere where he can keep his eye on the pup. My son decided on J.D. short for John Deere for the pup’s name. J.D. keeps Demon hopping. She runs at Demon and Demon hisses and tears off. He was upset enough not to eat his wet cat food for a couple of mornings, but did eat this morning. J.D. is a great deterrent when we come in from a potty trip outside for keeping Demon in the house. Demon waits just inside the door and tries to dart out, but when he sees J.D. he hisses and takes off. J.D. is going to be fun as soon as the house breaking is done. The reason for not getting another dog is that the old dog won’t be happy, but she’ll get over it – maybe. She stills resents Demon even after 3 years.

The Spoiled Child

This is the start of what I mean by a spoiled child. She has to sleep in this chair preferably on a lap. My husband Craig is good at making a lap dog out of a future big dog. This is the 3rd one he’s doing this to.

Have a great day.


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