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Now I know many people have stubborn spouses. I’m not an exception. Sunday my husband started having chest pains. He already has 2 stents. He didn’t tell me. I came home from work Monday night to Craig telling me he had come home after only being at work for an hour or two and had been having chest pains. When asked did you go to the doctor he replied no. Heaven forbid you check something out that might kill you because it may go away. He did get better and got up Tuesday morning and went to work. He last 1 1/2 hours and was told to go home and go to the doctor. Oh- did I mention they wanted someone to drive him? He wouldn’t have any of that and did call me to tell me he was going home and yes he was going to the doctor. Surprise – surprise when he called from the doctor’s office and I was told an ambulance was taking him to the hospital. I meant him there and after hours ( okay –  maybe only 2 hours) his cardiologist who happened to be on call that morning that morning and decided no messing around and off to have an angiogram. He only had a 90% blockage. This is only his third one that was that blocked or worse. Considering the way he takes care of himself and ignores the signs it’s amazing he hasn’t had a heart attack yet. Thankfully he hasn’t had a heart attack so he has had no muscle damage. Since he can’t go back to work until the middle of next week he is out driving around. Can’t lift more than 10 pounds and is bored with staying at home. I guess he’ll for a few more  years.

I think I promised some pictures of my trip to England. I need to get on that. I’m way too sporadic with posts and I need to make myself do better. Check back later and I’ll try to get some posted. If you would like to see some in the meantime I highly recommend the blog Midwest to Midlands. She shows a lot of pictures from around the country as she goes on trips with her husband. Did I mention she is also my cousin.

More later.


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