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Merry Christmas

Christmas is here and I still have a few presents to wrap. We go to my sister’s for dinner and I have pies to make this morning to take. It was nice to have a full day before the holiday to get things done and I took full advantage of it. I hadn’t planned on my granddaughter being here, but that only slowed me down a little as she went back to her mom’s around 1. She is always worth it and she kept her grandpa occupied. Myah just turned 2 and is full of energy and is very demanding attention wise. She decided she was going to open presents and grandpa had to stop her. We will get her again this afternoon so she can open her presents with all of us. She should be fun this year since she has the idea of presents down.

I went to Christmas Eve services last night with my m-i-l. Some friends brought her down to church from the nursing home and she thoroughly enjoyed coming. It’s the first time since she got sick in May that she came to church. Everyone was so happy to see her and she really enjoyed all the attention. Since we’re going to my family I don’t know if we’ll see her today, but maybe when we head home we’ll stop in. We all caught the flu this week, so a chance to see her earlier this week was missed by my son. We don’t want to take something to her. Royal and I are fine now, but Craig got it worse and is feeling better, but has some lingering effects from the flu.

Over all things are going well and I hope all is well with you and yours. May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Enjoy all your holidays.


England Trip – Day One

We arrived in England on Fri, July 1st. After a couple of hours of resting to catch up from our plane flight, my cousin Jane took us to see some of the local sights. We first went to Tamworth Castle and then on to St Editha’s parish church and the Lichfield Cathedral. Then we went to Wall to see the Roman ruins. We all decided we had no interest driving in England. The roads are narrow, they drive on the wrong side of the road and they have all these roundabouts to navigate. My cousin is from central Iowa and she drove that first day. She even managed to have us go around one roundabout about 3 times before she got the right turnoff. She does have her license, but is still fairly new to driving in England. The rest of the trip Jane’s husband John and his friend Bob drove us. They rented a Volvo SUV to take us. They considered a big vehicle, but by sister and I both have mini vans that have more room than the Volvo did. We got a lot of looks from people who watched us loading and unloading seven people from the Volvo.

Some of the gardens at Tamworth Castle. This is my Mom and my sisters and me.

The gardens in England are fantastic and it seems most everyone has a garden of some sort.

Tamworth Castle

This is a Norman castle that dates from the 11th century.

St Editha’s Parish Church

In Tamworth most of this church was built in the mid to late 14th and 15th centuries.

Lichfield Cathedral

Some of the carvings on the outside of the cathedral.

Interior shots of the cathedral.

Roman ruins at Wall. Wall was a small Roman town in the 2nd century with baths and a hostel.

More later.

Holidays are Here

It’s been since the end of September since my last post. I mean well, but by the time I get home from work it seems my energy goes away. With the holidays here it’s time to consider how things are going and be thankful for all you have. Compared to others our life isn’t so bad even if it’s not going as well as it could.

My husband as I said in my last post had a stent put in. When he was in the hospital they saw something in his blood and since then has been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. This is a chronic form and not an acute form so it is slow moving and usually shows up in people 50 or older. Currently we’re in a watchful waiting stage though he is further along than we had hoped. For right now he goes in periodically for a blood work up and if nothing changes significantly that’s all they’ll do. Hopefully that will last a while before he needs treatment. If you are interested in learning more about this form of cancer do a search on CLL.

On a more upbeat note my sister was here for Thanksgiving. She lives in North Pole, Ak. We had a good time while she was here. She’ll be back in April when we are having an 80th birthday party for Mom. She is a nurse in Fairbanks and has lived there for close to 30 years. She doesn’t intend to ever move back. Mom has been a retired school teacher for a number of years. To keep busy she works part time at the local library, has club, is in Eastern Star and is a district treasure for UMW. She tends to keep very busy and is in fairly good health. She does have some breathing problems, but nothing bad yet – not on oxygen. She thoroughly enjoyed taking all three of her daughters to England this summer and is planning on taking us on a cruise in Alaska in another year or so. We should have fun then too.

Christmas in next Sunday and I’m almost ready. Wrap a few presents, pick up a couple more, make pies (Sunday morning) and I should be ready. I usually do a Christmas letter, but haven’t got one done yet. I need to get working on it and maybe I could get them out by New Years. We’ll have our granddaughter for a least part of Christmas day so she can open her presents with everyone else. We are looking forward to it. My son gets her every weekend for and overnight and since he lives at home that means we get her too. She is always a lot of fun. She just turned 2 and is very demanding for our attention when she is here. We may be in trouble when she really starts talking rather than a few words and pointing.

Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Please enjoy your holidays and your families

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