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England Trip – Day One

We arrived in England on Fri, July 1st. After a couple of hours of resting to catch up from our plane flight, my cousin Jane took us to see some of the local sights. We first went to Tamworth Castle and then on to St Editha’s parish church and the Lichfield Cathedral. Then we went to Wall to see the Roman ruins. We all decided we had no interest driving in England. The roads are narrow, they drive on the wrong side of the road and they have all these roundabouts to navigate. My cousin is from central Iowa and she drove that first day. She even managed to have us go around one roundabout about 3 times before she got the right turnoff. She does have her license, but is still fairly new to driving in England. The rest of the trip Jane’s husband John and his friend Bob drove us. They rented a Volvo SUV to take us. They considered a big vehicle, but by sister and I both have mini vans that have more room than the Volvo did. We got a lot of looks from people who watched us loading and unloading seven people from the Volvo.

Some of the gardens at Tamworth Castle. This is my Mom and my sisters and me.

The gardens in England are fantastic and it seems most everyone has a garden of some sort.

Tamworth Castle

This is a Norman castle that dates from the 11th century.

St Editha’s Parish Church

In Tamworth most of this church was built in the mid to late 14th and 15th centuries.

Lichfield Cathedral

Some of the carvings on the outside of the cathedral.

Interior shots of the cathedral.

Roman ruins at Wall. Wall was a small Roman town in the 2nd century with baths and a hostel.

More later.


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