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Merry Christmas

Christmas is here and I still have a few presents to wrap. We go to my sister’s for dinner and I have pies to make this morning to take. It was nice to have a full day before the holiday to get things done and I took full advantage of it. I hadn’t planned on my granddaughter being here, but that only slowed me down a little as she went back to her mom’s around 1. She is always worth it and she kept her grandpa occupied. Myah just turned 2 and is full of energy and is very demanding attention wise. She decided she was going to open presents and grandpa had to stop her. We will get her again this afternoon so she can open her presents with all of us. She should be fun this year since she has the idea of presents down.

I went to Christmas Eve services last night with my m-i-l. Some friends brought her down to church from the nursing home and she thoroughly enjoyed coming. It’s the first time since she got sick in May that she came to church. Everyone was so happy to see her and she really enjoyed all the attention. Since we’re going to my family I don’t know if we’ll see her today, but maybe when we head home we’ll stop in. We all caught the flu this week, so a chance to see her earlier this week was missed by my son. We don’t want to take something to her. Royal and I are fine now, but Craig got it worse and is feeling better, but has some lingering effects from the flu.

Over all things are going well and I hope all is well with you and yours. May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Enjoy all your holidays.


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