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Heart Surgery

I know I should get my next post done about England. I really should try to post at least every week or two, but I’ll be honest after work all day on the computer and catching up on my own emails I just don’t get myself pushed to do it.

The last couple of weeks my husband has been having chest pains. He was having them longer than he told me. He came home sick from work and complained about chest pains that night. Heaven forbid he go check it out then. We went the next morning to the doctor after he tried to go to work and turned around and came home. He wasn’t having a heart attack – the blood work showed that, but the ekg showed a possible problem. We made an appointment for the next Wednesday with the heart doctor and he went to work on Mon and Tues. He came home early morning on Wednesday complaining of shortness of breath, went to his appointment that afternoon and straight to the hospital for an angiogram the next day. The angiogram showed 5 blockages from 75 to 80% each. Three were where he already had stents and they couldn’t use stents to open them up. Heart surgery was scheduled for Wednesday this week due to having to get the blood thinner out of his system. The doctor called Monday and wanted his on Tuesday instead so Tuesday we headed in at 5 in the morning and by noon his surgery was done. Everything went great. Four bypasses later all was fixed. At least he got to sleep through it all though he was extremely nervous as the surgery got closer. I got the lucky task of having to wait and worry. They were great at keeping me informed about every hour how the surgery was going and what stage they were at. Fortunately it was always good news. He came through recovery with flying colors and was off the respirator in 4 hours. They allow 6 hours for the max time they want them on the respirator. He was expected out of ICU on Wed, but he’s had some issues that have kept him there. Hopefully later today they’ll get him out. It’s amazing how fast they get them up and moving. They stood him up Tuesday night and started him walking on Wed. That part is all going good. He got to coughing yesterday afternoon after he had therapy and they walked him further. He finally got some stuff coughed up and then the coughing stopped. That was good because he was really hurting when he coughed. Now to see if we can get him out of ICU today. Since it’s time to get going I’ll try to get another post soon as to how he’s recovering.


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