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Heart Surgery

I know I should get my next post done about England. I really should try to post at least every week or two, but I’ll be honest after work all day on the computer and catching up on my own emails I just don’t get myself pushed to do it.

The last couple of weeks my husband has been having chest pains. He was having them longer than he told me. He came home sick from work and complained about chest pains that night. Heaven forbid he go check it out then. We went the next morning to the doctor after he tried to go to work and turned around and came home. He wasn’t having a heart attack – the blood work showed that, but the ekg showed a possible problem. We made an appointment for the next Wednesday with the heart doctor and he went to work on Mon and Tues. He came home early morning on Wednesday complaining of shortness of breath, went to his appointment that afternoon and straight to the hospital for an angiogram the next day. The angiogram showed 5 blockages from 75 to 80% each. Three were where he already had stents and they couldn’t use stents to open them up. Heart surgery was scheduled for Wednesday this week due to having to get the blood thinner out of his system. The doctor called Monday and wanted his on Tuesday instead so Tuesday we headed in at 5 in the morning and by noon his surgery was done. Everything went great. Four bypasses later all was fixed. At least he got to sleep through it all though he was extremely nervous as the surgery got closer. I got the lucky task of having to wait and worry. They were great at keeping me informed about every hour how the surgery was going and what stage they were at. Fortunately it was always good news. He came through recovery with flying colors and was off the respirator in 4 hours. They allow 6 hours for the max time they want them on the respirator. He was expected out of ICU on Wed, but he’s had some issues that have kept him there. Hopefully later today they’ll get him out. It’s amazing how fast they get them up and moving. They stood him up Tuesday night and started him walking on Wed. That part is all going good. He got to coughing yesterday afternoon after he had therapy and they walked him further. He finally got some stuff coughed up and then the coughing stopped. That was good because he was really hurting when he coughed. Now to see if we can get him out of ICU today. Since it’s time to get going I’ll try to get another post soon as to how he’s recovering.


Merry Christmas

Christmas is here and I still have a few presents to wrap. We go to my sister’s for dinner and I have pies to make this morning to take. It was nice to have a full day before the holiday to get things done and I took full advantage of it. I hadn’t planned on my granddaughter being here, but that only slowed me down a little as she went back to her mom’s around 1. She is always worth it and she kept her grandpa occupied. Myah just turned 2 and is full of energy and is very demanding attention wise. She decided she was going to open presents and grandpa had to stop her. We will get her again this afternoon so she can open her presents with all of us. She should be fun this year since she has the idea of presents down.

I went to Christmas Eve services last night with my m-i-l. Some friends brought her down to church from the nursing home and she thoroughly enjoyed coming. It’s the first time since she got sick in May that she came to church. Everyone was so happy to see her and she really enjoyed all the attention. Since we’re going to my family I don’t know if we’ll see her today, but maybe when we head home we’ll stop in. We all caught the flu this week, so a chance to see her earlier this week was missed by my son. We don’t want to take something to her. Royal and I are fine now, but Craig got it worse and is feeling better, but has some lingering effects from the flu.

Over all things are going well and I hope all is well with you and yours. May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Enjoy all your holidays.

Holidays are Here

It’s been since the end of September since my last post. I mean well, but by the time I get home from work it seems my energy goes away. With the holidays here it’s time to consider how things are going and be thankful for all you have. Compared to others our life isn’t so bad even if it’s not going as well as it could.

My husband as I said in my last post had a stent put in. When he was in the hospital they saw something in his blood and since then has been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. This is a chronic form and not an acute form so it is slow moving and usually shows up in people 50 or older. Currently we’re in a watchful waiting stage though he is further along than we had hoped. For right now he goes in periodically for a blood work up and if nothing changes significantly that’s all they’ll do. Hopefully that will last a while before he needs treatment. If you are interested in learning more about this form of cancer do a search on CLL.

On a more upbeat note my sister was here for Thanksgiving. She lives in North Pole, Ak. We had a good time while she was here. She’ll be back in April when we are having an 80th birthday party for Mom. She is a nurse in Fairbanks and has lived there for close to 30 years. She doesn’t intend to ever move back. Mom has been a retired school teacher for a number of years. To keep busy she works part time at the local library, has club, is in Eastern Star and is a district treasure for UMW. She tends to keep very busy and is in fairly good health. She does have some breathing problems, but nothing bad yet – not on oxygen. She thoroughly enjoyed taking all three of her daughters to England this summer and is planning on taking us on a cruise in Alaska in another year or so. We should have fun then too.

Christmas in next Sunday and I’m almost ready. Wrap a few presents, pick up a couple more, make pies (Sunday morning) and I should be ready. I usually do a Christmas letter, but haven’t got one done yet. I need to get working on it and maybe I could get them out by New Years. We’ll have our granddaughter for a least part of Christmas day so she can open her presents with everyone else. We are looking forward to it. My son gets her every weekend for and overnight and since he lives at home that means we get her too. She is always a lot of fun. She just turned 2 and is very demanding for our attention when she is here. We may be in trouble when she really starts talking rather than a few words and pointing.

Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Please enjoy your holidays and your families

Dealing with a Stubborn Husband

Now I know many people have stubborn spouses. I’m not an exception. Sunday my husband started having chest pains. He already has 2 stents. He didn’t tell me. I came home from work Monday night to Craig telling me he had come home after only being at work for an hour or two and had been having chest pains. When asked did you go to the doctor he replied no. Heaven forbid you check something out that might kill you because it may go away. He did get better and got up Tuesday morning and went to work. He last 1 1/2 hours and was told to go home and go to the doctor. Oh- did I mention they wanted someone to drive him? He wouldn’t have any of that and did call me to tell me he was going home and yes he was going to the doctor. Surprise – surprise when he called from the doctor’s office and I was told an ambulance was taking him to the hospital. I meant him there and after hours ( okay –¬† maybe only 2 hours) his cardiologist who happened to be on call that morning that morning and decided no messing around and off to have an angiogram. He only had a 90% blockage. This is only his third one that was that blocked or worse. Considering the way he takes care of himself and ignores the signs it’s amazing he hasn’t had a heart attack yet. Thankfully he hasn’t had a heart attack so he has had no muscle damage. Since he can’t go back to work until the middle of next week he is out driving around. Can’t lift more than 10 pounds and is bored with staying at home. I guess he’ll for a few more¬† years.

I think I promised some pictures of my trip to England. I need to get on that. I’m way too sporadic with posts and I need to make myself do better. Check back later and I’ll try to get some posted. If you would like to see some in the meantime I highly recommend the blog Midwest to Midlands. She shows a lot of pictures from around the country as she goes on trips with her husband. Did I mention she is also my cousin.

More later.

Life gets in the way

It’s been a while since I posted anything. Life has been busy. My mother-in-law got sick the first of May. She had the flu, but quit taking care of herself because she didn’t feel good and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. She has bad lungs and has been on oxygen for years and had a lot of trouble getting well. We almost lost her and she was on a ventilator for a few days. She has finally bounced back and is currently in the nursing home getting stronger. The over all hospital stay was about 7 weeks and had me there almost every night after work. Did nothing for me getting anything done at home. She was out of the hospital for about 1 1/2 weeks when I left for a trip to England with my mother and sisters courtesy of my mom. We went to visit my cousin that married a Brit and is enjoying living in England. She pretty much planned our trip asking us what we wanted to see and she and her husband and a friend took us around. We in no way had enough time and some things we saw we went through faster than we would of liked. We would all love to go back. As soon as I get some pictures ready I’ll post some of what we saw.

Monday morning after getting back we had a huge wind storm go through. We were one of the areas hit hard. The whole town had trees down. Our house came out with just a few smaller branches done and a broken window. My soon also got a broken windshield out of the storm. My mother-in-law had big limbs come out of 2 trees – one of which took her power off her house. Her neighbors tree lost about a third of their tree into her back yard and it squashed a shed. The shed was slated to come down any way, but we’ll turn it into insurance and hopefully we come take care of some of the deductible so there won’t be as much out of pocket expense. The corn fields were all laid flat, but have stood back up. It will still probably affect the final yield, but that won’t be known for sure until harvest.

Hoping life will settle down now. I have to get some things ready for the state fair in the next 2 weeks and so far haven’t had a chance to do anything about it.

Hope everyone’s life isn’t as hectic has mine has been lately.

Demon the Cat

Demon is our black cat. Technically he’s a black tiger though as he’s gotten older his stripes aren’t as visible. He is suppose to be a house cat, but he desperately tries to get outside – especially this time of year. In case you’re wondering my son found him on a country road by himself and he couldn’t have been more than a month old. He was still a bit wobbly when he walked. He went several months without a specific name. When he got a little bigger and could get up in the chair with you he would come running at you sitting there and up in the chair and attack your face. He also attacked your feet as you where walking. For a tiny cat he had no fear of the dog ( a black lab mix). He would attack the dog. He would sleep on the pillow next to your face and latch on if you moved. These are just a few of the things he did to earn him the name Demon. He is now 2 1/2 years and some things he doesn’t do any more like sleeping on the pillow and latching on, but he still knows what to do to torment the dog. He has learned that the dog can actually turn on him and attack, so he shows her a little more respect, but he still gets her to chase him. That’s not all bad as the dog is 14 and the cat keeps her moving. Demon will still attack feet, but now longer jumps into your lap and attacks your face. He does get into things on the counter at times so we have to watch what we leave out. That being said he can also be an absolute sweetheart and lay on your lap and sleep or next (or on) your legs at night. If you need to move your legs you have to move around him as he won’t move. As for him getting out of the house – the big fierce cat is scared to death when he gets out and usually only last a minute and then can’t get back in fast enough. Animals add so much to one’s life.

Demon the Cat

Mother Daughter Banquet

Last night my home town had their Mother Daughter Banquet. I’m not sure exactly how long they have had this, but I have been going my entire life. The number attending has been dropping as people these days just don’t seem to appreciate such things any more. I have 2 sisters, but one lives in Alaska and seldom is here for it. When my sister’s granddaughter was born it was the first girl baby in our family since my brother was born in the 50s. Her mother was warned her daughter would probably be spoiled because of it. She is 3 now and is a very precocious and smart little girl. My granddaughter is 16 months. Between the 2 of them Myah (mine) was much better behaved last night. She ate well and enjoyed the program of puppets afterward. Actually they both enjoyed the program and behaved pretty well for that. We had Myah for 2 nights this weekend and because of the nice weather got to enjoy some quality time outside with her Dad and Grandpa. They all had fun. Hopefully I got some good pictures of them.

I need to get to work outside. It’s hard to do too much when Myah is here and today the wind is blowing way too hard to rake leaves of the flower beds today. Though we didn’t get storms last night one town in Iowa got hit hard last night by a tornado and we may have some more storms tonight.

I need to work on some quilts. Seems like my energy level at night after work just isn’t there to get me motivated. If I start I do get a lot done, but if I sit first I’m done. Maybe I’ll get myself in gear in a little while.

Better get going – I need to get some fabric listed on Artfire.





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