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England Day Three

Here I got pictures ready a while back and then didn’t get busy and get the next day posted. I know I need to be better, but after being on the computer all day at work and getting home and catching up on messages at home I think I get burned out. I did finally get some fabric posted on my etsy shop and have more ready to take pictures of and get posted. My weekend tends to get full when my son brings his 2 year old in for me to watch. She takes precedence and can be very demanding when she thinks grandpa and grandma should do for her now.

Now for day three in England

Our plans started out to visit the university at Cambridge and check out the city itself. When we got there they were having a bike race and the town was packed so we decided to bypass Cambridge until the next day. We did go to the American Cemetery in Cambridge. It is a beautiful cemetery that does a great job of honoring our service men. It includes a wall of names of men missing in action. Those names of soldiers that have later had their remains found have rosettes by their names. The guide there was very enthusiastic about showing us around and explaining things about the cemetery. He was disappointed that most people hop off the bus and look around for a few minutes until the next bus without really finding out about the cemetery. He thoroughly enjoyed his job and was thrilled that we took time to have him tell us about the cemetery. He told us stories of a few of the missing men including Glen Miller and Joseph Kennedy Jr (John F Kennedy’s older brother).

Grave sites at the American Cemetery

Memorial at the American Cemetery

Inside the Memorial

Reflecting pools and the Memorial wall of the missing.

After the cemetery we headed on over to Swaffham Bulbeck. The town is about 8 miles outside of Cambridge and wouldn’t be on most tourist stops, but the town had meaning for us. Mom’s relatives came from there. We visited the church were her Great Grandfather was a choir boy. After a lot of looking and most of us missing it because the marker was worn, we found the grave marker for two of his brothers. The church is St Mary’s Church and was built 800 years ago. It is need of repair as age is causing some structure fatigue, but is still in use.

St Mary’s Church

Inside of St Mary’s Church

Black Horse Inn

The Black Horse Inn in Swaffham Bulbeck was establishied in 1765 and was a good place for lunch. That’s my Mom in front of the Inn and John and Bob walking up to the Inn. Perhaps we had relatives that frequented the pub.

From Swaffham Bulbeck we headed towards the town were we would stay the night. Along the way we stopped at Lavenham hopefully to look at some of the shops, but it was late and mostly they were closed. Here we saw a monument dating 1501 and the oldest guild hall in England. Lavenham is one of the most well preserved medieval villages in England. The Guild Hall was built around 1530. There is a house is Lavenham thought to be the inspiration to the rhyme There was a Crooked Man.

The Guild Hall of Corpus Christi

Monument erected in 1501

Look down the street and you can see the crooked house

Some of the local architecture in Lavenham

After Lavenham we headed to Linton to our B&B. The Springfield House was a very nice B&B with some beautiful gardens. The owners were a married English woman and an American man. They welcomed us to their home and suggested a pub for us to eat for the night. We enjoyed the gardens and relaxed for the night.

Springfield House

The edge of a thatched roof in Linton

Thatched roofs are seen across England and my understanding is if you have a thatched roof it must remain that way. Different artisans have different ways to finish off the design of the roof.

This ends our third day. Hopefully I’ll get the next post up soon.


Holidays are Here

It’s been since the end of September since my last post. I mean well, but by the time I get home from work it seems my energy goes away. With the holidays here it’s time to consider how things are going and be thankful for all you have. Compared to others our life isn’t so bad even if it’s not going as well as it could.

My husband as I said in my last post had a stent put in. When he was in the hospital they saw something in his blood and since then has been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. This is a chronic form and not an acute form so it is slow moving and usually shows up in people 50 or older. Currently we’re in a watchful waiting stage though he is further along than we had hoped. For right now he goes in periodically for a blood work up and if nothing changes significantly that’s all they’ll do. Hopefully that will last a while before he needs treatment. If you are interested in learning more about this form of cancer do a search on CLL.

On a more upbeat note my sister was here for Thanksgiving. She lives in North Pole, Ak. We had a good time while she was here. She’ll be back in April when we are having an 80th birthday party for Mom. She is a nurse in Fairbanks and has lived there for close to 30 years. She doesn’t intend to ever move back. Mom has been a retired school teacher for a number of years. To keep busy she works part time at the local library, has club, is in Eastern Star and is a district treasure for UMW. She tends to keep very busy and is in fairly good health. She does have some breathing problems, but nothing bad yet – not on oxygen. She thoroughly enjoyed taking all three of her daughters to England this summer and is planning on taking us on a cruise in Alaska in another year or so. We should have fun then too.

Christmas in next Sunday and I’m almost ready. Wrap a few presents, pick up a couple more, make pies (Sunday morning) and I should be ready. I usually do a Christmas letter, but haven’t got one done yet. I need to get working on it and maybe I could get them out by New Years. We’ll have our granddaughter for a least part of Christmas day so she can open her presents with everyone else. We are looking forward to it. My son gets her every weekend for and overnight and since he lives at home that means we get her too. She is always a lot of fun. She just turned 2 and is very demanding for our attention when she is here. We may be in trouble when she really starts talking rather than a few words and pointing.

Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Please enjoy your holidays and your families

Let’s spoil them young

It’s been a while since I’ve written. Too much going on. From the title you might think I’m talking about my Granddaughter. Well – while she gets very spoiled by her Grandpa (I would never spoil her) – the one I’m referring to is a new puppy. I came home Tuesday night to my husband holding a puppy. When asked about her he told me to ask my son. Royal brought the puppy home because she was the last of a litter and she needed a home. I told my husband I thought we had that discussion with Royal and he said he thought we had too, but he didn’t seem too upset about the puppy. She is a very adorable 6 week old lab-pit bull mix and she has very much upset my old dog and my cat. My old dog Misty is not thrilled about a new puppy and does her best to ignore her. My cat Demon hisses and bats at the pup, but doesn’t hit her with her paw and is mostly somewhere where he can keep his eye on the pup. My son decided on J.D. short for John Deere for the pup’s name. J.D. keeps Demon hopping. She runs at Demon and Demon hisses and tears off. He was upset enough not to eat his wet cat food for a couple of mornings, but did eat this morning. J.D. is a great deterrent when we come in from a potty trip outside for keeping Demon in the house. Demon waits just inside the door and tries to dart out, but when he sees J.D. he hisses and takes off. J.D. is going to be fun as soon as the house breaking is done. The reason for not getting another dog is that the old dog won’t be happy, but she’ll get over it – maybe. She stills resents Demon even after 3 years.

The Spoiled Child

This is the start of what I mean by a spoiled child. She has to sleep in this chair preferably on a lap. My husband Craig is good at making a lap dog out of a future big dog. This is the 3rd one he’s doing this to.

Have a great day.

Busy Weekend

I started this weekend with my granddaughter here. My son gets here every Friday and keeps her until Saturday afternoon. She is so much fun. Myah is 15 months old, walking great, and thinks she needs to have a snack in each hand pretty much all the time. She enjoys here stacking blocks and thinks its great fun when we make her stuffed puppy bark at her. She also makes him bark at us. She really wanted to go outside to play, but it was still too chilly for that. I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to get out with her. She loves her eggo waffles in the morning and since it seems lately that 1 isn’t quite enough I gave her 2. For a little girl she ate all but about 1/4 of one. She thinks her daddy is just the thing and grandpa isn’t half bad either. But when it comes to wanting to just be held she still comes to me. Myah loves the cat and dog, but neither one really want her to touch them. The dog will allow it some, but the cat pretty much doesn’t let her get close. That’s okay because he’s apt to claw and bite her if she got him and we don’t want that.

The weather has teased us with some warm days and now we’re back to colder days. Had snow on Friday. I wouldn’t mind if there was enough to snow dye, but it came down wet and by the time I got home it had melted off. If that’s all it’s going to do we don’t need any more snow. One thing about it being cooler – I had a couple of horses to trim feet on today and the cooler weather keeps me from getting hot and makes it easier to do. Both of these horse I have done for years and are almost always good boys for me.

I’m going to see about adding a page with some of my quilts on it so look for it.

A Sad Day

Thursday last week the husband of one of my co-workers came to the office. She just retired last June and I had worked with her for 25 years. She recently had some surgery, but was home and recovering nicely. Her husband went to wake her up Wed morning and she was gone. He is lost without her. It came as a shock to us all. He is holding up and has family support, but it’ll be very hard on him as people go back to their normal routines. I guess it just goes to show that you never know what will happen. I know she always expected she would out live her husband. My thoughts are the same towards my husband because of his health issues, but my brother was only 46 when he died from a heart attack. And there is also other things that could happen such as accidents. Hopefully we will both live long lives together and the last thing you should do is live life fearing the worst. That is no way to live.

On the up side all in my family are currently alive and well and looking forward to many tomorrows. I wish all of you the same.


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